Sunday, 18 March 2012

Remain - The Third Station

The Third Station
Jesus Falls the First Time


Jesus bore the weight of the heavy wood, made heavier by the deep sadness in His Sacred Heart because of all the people who reject Him, take Him for granted, and who place Him at the bottom of their priority list throughout the entire history of mankind. Have you ever looked into our hearts and at the world we live in and wonder what kind of love is so foolish as to endure so much suffering for people who cannot quite bother about it anyway?

Jesus fell; His weakening body was crushed under this heavy load. And yet, instead of throwing the cross to one side and surrendering to the Jews' accusations that He is not the Son of God, instead of running away from the pain and suffering, instead of saying, "This is all not worth it", Jesus kept only one Person in His mind and heart - His Father. And the Will of His Father for the salvation of all. The whole burden of Man's salvation rested upon His shoulders. He either made it to the end or it is over for us. Instead of cheering Him on, how often do we add on to the weight of His cross. 

But with His heart completely focused, He picked Himself up, however tired, exhausted, excruciatingly in pain He was, and walked on... to the end. 

What are the stresses and burdens you have in life?
Have these made you feel tired, tired of life, fed up with the world, leaving you in great pain?
Have you ever want to just give up when life is too difficult to continue walking on?
What do you do when you meet with such moments in life? Do you turn to God as your saving help or do you take to other meaningless activities that you think can ease your tiredness and pain? Do you run away, escape and be indifferent towards the pain within? When children are naughty and disobey, when relationships break down, when career is threatened, financial strains threaten, when we lose a loved one?
Do you give up and walk off? Or do you pick yourself up when you fall and walk on?
But how would you walk on if you had no end in mind, no Source of strength to keep you going?

Reflecting more deeply on this third station in the Way of the Cross, and 
Appreciating the perseverance of Jesus in walking to the very end for our salvation, will you still remain with Him in persevering in your life's struggles and pain?

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