Thursday, 8 March 2012

Remain - The First Station

The First Station
Jesus is condemned to death


The One who spoke the truth, upheld the truth, lived the truth and pointed the way of truth was condemned  to death, silenced because evil cannot tolerate the truth and will have it exterminated so as to preserve its sinful way of life. 

Truths reveal the darkness that lies hidden - a darkness that fear dislikes to confront. Truths revealed call people into change - a change that lifestyle hates to give way to. Truths threaten - a threat that insecurity detests. The thorn in the flesh must be removed; Jesus must be silenced.

What is your stand on upholding truths? 
When were the decisive moments in your life in which you were caught among truth and untruth? Which did you choose?
Do indifference and silence really acquit you from not standing up for what is right?
Have you ever felt the pain of upholding what is right? What costs did it cost you?

Reflecting more deeply on this first station in the Way of the Cross, and
Knowing that Jesus ultimately died for the truth, will you still remain with Him in upholding all that is true and right? 

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