Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Remain - The Sixth Station

The Sixth Station
Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus


Who was this lady, Veronica? Who was she that stood up against the crowd and opposed it not by violent means but by a pure and simple gesture that conveyed so movingly her deep compassion and love for Jesus? Where everyone and every chaos could not distract her from her unwavering gaze on that precious face of her dear Jesus? 

Surely, there was something about Jesus that spoke to Veronica's heart. Why wasn't she part of the crowd who mocked at Jesus instead? What drew her to break through the crowd, put herself before Jesus, risking her own life and reputation of being on Jesus's side, just to wipe the sweat and blood off Jesus's face? It does not look like any superficial love at all. Rather, it looks like one that is immovable, deeply embedded; one that could only have come about because of an intimate, life-transforming encounter with this Person. It was a love that could never be undone; a love that puts the lover always before self and all else; a love more precious than life itself, more powerful than fear can ever be. 

Do you remember your most intense personal encounter with God? When and what was it?
Have you allowed this encounter and others to remain in your heart and to follow its drawing of you into a deeper love and union with God? 

Reflecting more deeply on this sixth station of the Way of the Cross, and 
Knowing well that love entails our vulnerability and that loving God requires the denial of ourselves, our possessions, comfort, securities, certainties, control over our lives, will you still remain with Him in His desire to take you deeper into His friendship, into His love?

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