Monday, 8 July 2013

Love Made Manifest

Today, I am blessed to have spent much time with people who are generous with their giving to me. Be it their time, food, assistance, companionship, medication and most treasured of all is friendship and kinship. 

I'm reminded and persuaded once again of the infinite goodness that God continues to extend to me through these people despite my inability to repay Him in the same measure. 

There is nothing more I can do than to surrender to Him my human finiteness; 
all that I wish to say that no words can convey,
all that I wish to express that no gesture can externalise,
all that I wish to bless that my humanness has no power to pour out. 

And as I breathe in all these goodness and be filled with them to the brim of my being, may I breathe out this same goodness onto others so that others may also come to encounter the God of Love and Goodness. 

God loved me today especially through friends and family. 
How has God loved you today?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Prayer - Breathing in God's Love in Nature

taken on 06 July 2013 @ MacRitchie Reservoir

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for this time with nature, 
for the love and life You breathed into nature, 
which I can now breathe into me today. 
Thank You for wanting so much to breathe Your life and love into me. 
Help me to open my heart wider to receive You without fear or resistance. 
In nature, Your gentle creation, in the secure embrace of Your love, 
may I be one with You.