Friday, 30 March 2012

Remain - The Seventh Station

The Seventh Station
Jesus Falls the Second Time


Mankind's salvation history might have been grossly altered if Jesus had these motivations in His mind. "I must get to the end... Endure, endure...," or "I must prove to them that I have come from my Father," or even "This is God's Will; I must fulfil it." We know how far such short-lived motivations can take us. How often we feel motivated at one time but lose that drive in another. When God's Will is not entwined with ours, fulfilling it becomes a burden and we cannot go too far in this groundless endeavour.  

Sheer strong will, determination to prove a truth and even the plain obedience to do what God wants cannot possibly drive someone across the long distance; only love can. Jesus's love for His Father and for all of us is infinitely greater than the pain and suffering He was enduring. I'd like to believe that whenever He fell, whenever He felt that He could not go on any more, it was His unwavering love that moved His heart to strengthen His will to carry on. Somehow, every connection with love injects another ounce of strength to do what is most loving. Jesus knows most intimately the love of His Father and with this, He then gives this same love to humanity.

In what, from whom do you obtain the strength you need to do what is most loving in life's situations? 
Were there times you found it impossible to love without heeding the wounds, without counting the cost, without feeling sore about being short-changed? 
How is Jesus inviting you deeper into His love, your one and only living Source of all graces?

Reflecting more deeply on this seventh station in the Way of the Cross, and
Recognizing that to rely more firmly on the one true Source for all that you need everyday requires you to give up many comfortable and familiar ways to enter more deeply into the loving relationship between God and you, will you still remain with Him as He turns your life around?

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