Friday, 23 March 2012

Remain - The Fourth Station

The Fourth Station
Jesus Meets His Mother


Jesus's meeting with His mother on the way to Calvary was not a coincidental occurrence. She was with Him all along the way, remaining with Him in spirit, holding Him in her heart in a bond that no physical distance could ever separate. She remained with Jesus in His pain and humiliation, His struggles and falls. Like Simeon foretold, "a sword will pierce your own heart". 

Have you ever empathized with Jesus and Mary in their meeting and felt a fraction of the pain they must have felt? Of a mother beholding her Son in such a desolated state? Of a Son beholding His mother who He knows is completely devastated because of Him? In those few seconds, to seek whatever comfort they can in each other, to communicate their love and affirmation of each other's companionship to the end. And perhaps, no words were even needed for these; would they not know what laid in each other's hearts? 

To Mary, she probably would have her doubts, lack of understanding, fears and most certainly the great inconsolable pain. But she did not blame God or anyone for the devastation brought upon her beloved Son and upon herself. She just remained faithfully in the situation she was in, allowing her Son to do what He needed to do, and bearing the mess of emotions churning within.

When have you abandoned Jesus and ran away from the way of the cross? Moments of lying or hiding the truth to keep yourself out of trouble? Moments of looking at injustice and keeping quiet about it to safeguard your own interests? Moments of feeling the pain of life but not facing up to them because pain is unpleasant? 
How much do you love Jesus? 
Do you want to love Him more? 
Have you made the decision to love Him more, to seek Him more steadfastly?

Reflecting more deeply on this fourth station in the Way of the Cross, and 
Being aware that remaining with Jesus will certainly entail pain and suffering like that of Mary, will you still remain with Him, faithfully seeking God's Will in the true spirit of discipleship, resting our hopes in the great joy of the resurrection?

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