Monday, 12 March 2012

Have You Seen the Rain?

Have you ever been tucked securely in a building and it was only when you stepped out that you realised it has been raining? 

How do we know when it is raining? We hear the water pouring down and hitting everything that stands in its way, we hear the vehicles drive pass making that swooshing sound. We stick our hands out of the window and feel the water falling upon our palms. We look at the street lamps that emits the light to reveal the droplets of rain in downward motion. We see the puddles of water growing, ripples formed and the road reflecting light off it. We see too people opening their umbrellas and those in flats rushing to bring in their laundry. At times, we are one of the last ones to realise it actually is raining, especially when we are soundly in dreamland, oblivious to our surroundings. 

There are so many ways to know it is raining and yet, I have had instances especially in shopping malls when I am completely unaware of the rain outside, even though it may be a severe thunder storm. 

How often is this familiar experience of the rain occurring also in our spiritual life. 
God pours down His graces and blessings 
God lends a hand to aid in troubled times
God puts a cheer to perk 
God brings out the sunshine 
God toughens with a fall
God teaches with a lesson
God heals the brokenness
God protects the loved ones
God made a wish come true

God's involvement in my life; the work of His hands pours out into the lives of mine and yours. And don't these rains water, nourish and give life to the soil of our lives?
Have you gotten out of the building of oblivion to realise more thoroughly?  

12 March 2012, Monday 

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