Saturday, 24 March 2012

Remain - The Fifth Station

The Fifth Station 
Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross


Simon, a complete stranger, was asked to help Jesus carry the cross. If you were Simon, what would your reaction be? What business has it to do with you that you have to bear the weight of another's cross? 

Looking around us, do we not bear the weight and consequences of others' lives everyday? A family member is treated unjustly in the office and we end up having to console him. A friend just got betrayed by his/her spouse and we spend sleepless nights staying by the broken hearted, tending to his/her emotional needs. A teacher has to undo a child's wrong values inculcated by his parents, and at times, playing the role of a guardian because his parents simply do not care. A clinical social worker has to trace an elderly's family members who have abandoned him in the hospital, and look for lodging and financial aid when the family remains uncontactable. 

Many times, we find ourselves clearing up a mess left behind by others, mending a wound inflicted by another. We have been innocent but implicated, like Simon. Simon probably had the least idea about what was going on, being a passer-by himself, and probably had never knew Jesus. He could have well formed his judgements that this man must have been a really terrible criminal to be treated this way. Maybe, he even thought that this terrible criminal should carry the cross himself and not implicate others. Whatever his thoughts and feelings, Simon took on the cross and helped this poor desolated man. 

Who are the people you have embraced, imperfect they may be, and extended God's love to?
Who are the people you judge and form opinions of? 
How have you refused to be Simon to these people? 
We often have true and valid reasons why these people do not deserve our help. After all, they have been unkind themselves, they never helped us when we were in need... So why should we help them? They need to be taught a lesson. 
How is Jesus asking you to love Him and to help carry His cross in helping these people?  

Reflecting more deeply in this fifth station in the Way of the Cross, and 
Knowing that to help another requires you to discard your prejudices, step out of your comfort zone, give up your time, energy and other more enjoyable activities, that you will pay a price in your helping of another, will you still remain with Him under the weight of His cross?

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