Thursday, 16 September 2010

Prepare the Way for the Lord

John 1:26-27
John answered them, "I baptise with water. Among you stands one whom you do not know, the one who is coming after me; I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal."

John the Baptist came into this world for one clear purpose - to make a way for the Lord Jesus. He came to tell man of the coming of the Messiah, to foretell this Jesus in the hope of preparing people to accept the coming of Christ. Perhaps, he came to prepare the hearts of the people to receive this Jesus and believe in this Jesus so that God will give these people the power to become His children (Jn 1:12-13).

John, who was specially chosen for this mission, fulfilled God's will for him in complete obedience, selflessness and love. He did not say that this mission is too challenging and tedious and hence, choose to disobey and do something else with his life. He gave up everything in his life so as to be God's instrument and messenger, a decision founded on a deep, faithful and humble love for God.

How obedient and selfless are we in laying down our lives' dreams, aspirations and earthly pleasures to fulfil God's will for us, to answer to His call to holiness and love? Like John, God calls us to prepare the way for Him too, not for Him to physically come down to earth again but to prepare a way into the hearts of people so that He may enter into these hearts and make a home in them. The way to prepare a way into these hearts is to show, by example, the creation of this "way". I must first create a way for others to enter into my own heart; to extend my love, care, acceptance, respect, etc towards them. When they have seen and experienced being invited into the heart of another, they will know how to, in turn, create an opening for Jesus to enter:

It is by experiencing my love that they come to know the love of Jesus;
It is by experiencing my acceptance that they will come to know God's acceptance;
It is by experiencing my forgiveness that they will come to know God's forgiveness;
It is by experiencing my acts of charity and kindness that they come to know God's blessings and generosity;
It is by experiencing my commitment to them that they come to know God's faithfulness;
It is by experiencing my laying down of my personal needs for the sake of their needs that they come to know God's gift of Himself to all man.

My loving Father, 
Pour out your Holy Spirit upon me to bless me with courage and love to be Your faithful, selfless and loving messenger, to, by being an example myself, prepare many hearts to receive Jesus as the Lord of their lives. Bless the work that I do and use it for Your kingdom-building. And in all that I do, I do them out of my constant decision to love You ever more fully. Amen.

16 September 2010


  1. I was called to be a teacher but I really wanted to be a feature writer. He called me so gently that I didn't feel as if I was giving up my dream. Instead, I realised that my dream was really not suitable for me :)

  2. Only He knows from the beginning what is truly good for us. Blessed are those who come to recognise and appreciate the efforts God puts in to give us everything good =)