Monday, 6 September 2010

The Answer is Love

Love is the answer and remedy to many things, of which, are hurt and gossip. When hurt by another, love. It is against what the world is used to but it is God's way. If person A hurts person B, person B hurts back in revenge, would the cycle of hatred and revenge really and ever end? If this is the way we relate to everyone in life, this world will never know peace or happiness. 

A lady shared at RCIA about her indifferent neighbour of 6 months. They never greeted nor waved nor reciprocated any act of greeting or kindness. It was as if everyone was invisible and non-existent. Without a doubt, this lady and her family feel rejected and hurt. She asked for opinions on what to do in this situation. The answer is love. What does Jesus do to our hearts of stone? He keeps knocking relentlessly at the doors of our hearts, always waiting for us to open the door to our hearts to Him so that He can enter and change our lives. Sadly, not everyone eventually opens this door. Yet, it is not one moment that He stops knocking and calling out to us. Happy are those who open up, no matter how late it is. And being Christ-like, it demands of us, too, to relentlessly knock at the hearts of those who are shut, who shut us out, who are hostile and nasty towards us. Out of an unconditional love like that of Christ, this lady is called to continue her acts of kindness towards her unkind neighbour, and pray that their hearts will one day be melt down and will accept the kindness extended to them. They must be really miserable and unhappy people, perhaps, longing for sincerity and love. In this way, they must be "hungry" in some ways too. Love is the remedy to fill these empty hearts. Love till it hurts. 

When faced with the temptation to gossip and tarnish someone's reputation, love. A boy in class was provoked by his classmates who insulted his parents and entire family and he punched these classmates in anger. Indeed, if anyone were to hurl vulgarities and insults about our love ones, especially our parents, we will certainly take it personally and would defend them actively. These we would do because we love them. So, in the same way, if we find it in our hearts to love our neighbour, we would not want their reputations to be tarnished or be insulted in any way in disrespect. Where and when there is love, there is no room for destructive gossips. 

Do we have a love for God that is steadfast, faithful and constant to empower us to love those who are most difficult to love? Do we love enough to protect the dignity of a fellow son or daughter of God? 

06 September 2010

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