Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

If we were in a 1.6km race, how would we run this race, what thoughts will go through our minds, how would we be feeling and what would we do to finish this long race and come in a winner? Putting ourselves into the scenario, we would imagine our anxiety at the starting line, awaiting for the gun to set us off; we might have fears and doubts at some point or another looking at the other racers around us who might be already ahead of us; we might have feelings of tiredness as we finish round after round and our legs start to hurt badly; we might trip over our shoes and fall, scraping our knees against the track, sending shocks of pain to our brains; we might hear the cheering of the spectators and feel excited, the list goes on. All these are the interruptions and distractions (some are burdens) that make us lose our focus on the final destination at the end of this race. 

And so it is with our spiritual journey with our final destination being eternal salvation in God. Through this race of life, there are many more distractions and interruptions that are implanted into our lives to pull us away from focusing on this final destination. Life's many ups - pleasuring the senses at the spa or massage parlour, travelling around the world, and life's many downs - loss of a love one, etc. There is only one sure way of reaching the finish line of the race and emerging victorious - keeping our minds always and only focused on the finish line and with one foot ahead of the other as quickly as our minds can coordinate, we race right to the finish line, keeping aside all the emotional distractions.The only one sure way of reaching our final destination with God is to keep our focus completely and consistently on God Himself, letting nothing at all break this concentration we fix on Him, and we, step by step, move closer to God while keeping aside all the burdens of life, entrusting all to Him and surrendering ourselves to the loving, mighty and responsible hands of Jesus, we place all our trust in Him who will direct and watch over us always.

21 September 2010

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