Wednesday, 15 September 2010

God and the Stars

Sitting by the window in the bus, looking up at the clouds in the sky... Have we ever been in this situation before, be it in a car, cab, bus and the like? Or in the night, as we travel in a train or car and we look up at the stars or moon and realise that the stars and moon do not seem to be moving? But when we shift our gaze to the trees "flying" pass us, we come to realise even more that we are actually moving at such high speed. And the funny thing is, perhaps we will also realise that for majority of the time, we will not be looking up at the sky and taking any notice of what is up there. Instead, we will focus our attention on what is in our more immediate surroundings. 

Our lives are like the trees as we travel. They pass us by so quickly that we have no time for anything else. Indeed, in the past few days, I realised that it is in the "hurry of things" that people sin - lose patience, lose temper, snap at others, have "no time" to care about other things, have "no time" to pray, love or even to inject any meaning in the many things we engage in; and so, we do things for the sake of doing them, to get it done and over with, etc. The work we do becomes meaningless and fruitless because they weren't done out of love.

God is like the stars in the sky that do not move. No matter how far or fast we travel through life, God remains in the same place; He only appears to have shifted His position because we have shifted ours. How often do we look up in the sky? How often do we see Jesus in others, in the marginalised, the suffering, the rejected, the unloved, the abandoned? How often do we remember and be aware of the presence of Jesus in our hearts and lives? How often do we remember Him in our decision making and allow Him to influence our choices, our lives?

When I looked up at the clouds this morning, all the trees and surroundings became oblivious and I become caught in the beauty and magnificence of God's creation of the sky, clouds, etc that I so often take for granted. When we look up at Jesus, everything of this earth will fade away into the background. We will be so caught in the beauty and magnificence of God's love for us; His unconditional, sacrificial, willing and merciful love for us, we so often take for granted. And like how a little child would gaze upon the stars and wish he could take a spaceship and travel to those stars to find out what they really are, how they shine so bright, etc, we will also wish we could finally meet Jesus, to know Him completely, love Him completely and serve Him completely. Let us set our eyes on Jesus and let all earthly things (that will pass us by like the trees) fade away out of sight, in hopeful expectation and zest to walk towards Jesus day by day till we reach that complete knowledge and love for Him. Let us choose to open our hearts now to allow God's Spirit to move and transform us.

15 September 2010


  1. Nature just makes us aware of God's greatness eh? Who else can create such beauty?

  2. God created all of creation (earth) for a purpose - to serve mankind in giving us the supplies we require for our survival. The beauty that we see in this creation also serves to bring us closer to this God. It also gives us a glimpse of God's goodness when we are able to marvel at the earth's beauty and appreciate the goodness of creation in nature. And when we stand in awe of nature, we stand in awe of this infinite God too.