Sunday, 5 September 2010

Being Available 24-7

Being Christ's disciple, we must always be available to others. No matter how busy we are, what mood we're in, where we are rushing to, what thoughts are in our minds or what biases and judgements we may have formulated, always be available and ready to help, listen, attend, give attention to the other's experiences, feelings, thoughts and needs. 

God never turns us away even when we are deep in sin. What right or excuse can we possibly create to turn anyone away? Jesus never turned a child away. When we welcome people in God's name and in love for God, we welcome Jesus straight into our hearts. It is saying and making the stand, "Yes, Jesus, I want you. Come into my heart."

God never treats people according to His moods. I don't think it is a situation that He has no moods but He does not let His moods affect the way He relates to us or affect the amount of love He has for us. His love is constant. To be Christ-like would demand us to be constant in our love for Him and consequently, for His people. If our love is constant, and so should the way we treat others, the tone we speak in, our readiness to be of service, our attitudes towards our brothers and sisters in Christ.

For our love, attention and the like to be constant and consistent, we have to consistently be connected to the God who is found deep at the core of our beings. In other words, we need to be in touch at all times with our inner selves. It must be continuous or else, we will still be operating according to our moods i.e. when we feel God's love in that "connectedness" and when we're not "connected". Above all, if we really love God, that love has to be consistent. What love is periodic and not consistent? What is the love that is momentary or occasional? 

05 September 2010

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