Sunday, 12 September 2010

Prayer - Faithfulness, A Gift

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the birds that continue to sing despite man cutting down their homes,

Thank you for the dog that continues to wag its tail at the sight of man despite man giving it attention as and when man likes,

Thank you for the teachers who continue hoping in their students despite these students' refusal to change,

Thank you for the trees that continue to replenish man's oxygen supply despite man mercilessly cutting down their family when man finds them a hindrance to development,

Thank you for the ground that continues to sprout out new life despite man poisoning it with chemicals,

Thank you for the chickens that continue to give man food despite man misusing them as machines,

Thank you for the sun that continues to shine despite man complaining it is shining too strongly,

Thank you for our parents who continue to love and sacrifice themselves for us despite us always causing them hurts and worries,

Thank you for the priests, religious and church volunteers who continue to dedicate their lives to serve us despite us always judging, criticising and putting down the work they do,

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me unconditionally and sacrificially despite my continued sinfulness and ungratefulness.

Thank you for the gift of faithfulness in all these things and countless more towards me despite my unfaithfulness and undeserving. Teach me to love and respect all your creation. And may their faithfulness in carrying out your purpose for them in this world teach me too to be always faithful and obedient to your Holy Will for me. 


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