Saturday, 19 May 2012

Silence on World Communications Sunday

In this weekend when we celebrate World Communications Day, isn't it most appropriate to reflect a little deeper on the lack of silence that bombards our modern lifestyle?

What are the noises we hear everyday? There are two types that I have experienced - the audible and inaudible. It is rather easy to identify the audible noises around us. Sit in the middle of a school canteen during recess and you will know what noise at a very high level can do to your peace within. Going to the clubs and having music blasting through the speakers, you will realise the temporary deafness it causes you upon your exit. Needless to say, with all that hype, the senses are taken as deep as the superficial levels. 

But there seems to be an increasing number of inaudible noises. Noises that the human ears cannot pick up. We know well how to shut out those audible ones but these well-disguised inaudible noises are more deafening to the human heart than the audible ones are to the human ear. They cloud the heart, distract it from God, hide God and create a distorted illusion of God so much so that what was once familiar about God becomes unfamiliar and uncertain. Love for God takes a back seat while these loud inaudible noises grow larger and closer in the forefront. They become louder each time while silence diminishes exponentially, overtaken, overthrown. 

So... just what are these inaudible noises? Here's a suggestion of some possible ones.
(*Differs according to the individual)

- Online chats and friends' status updates
- Blogging 
- Mobile phones e.g. incoming messages about work after office hours, etc
- Emotions e.g. insecurities and the anxieties they create, disappointments and discouragements that create a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, fears, anger, frustrations, doubts, etc
- Over-obsession with one's external appearances, status, wealth, etc

The inaudible noises seem to encompass those attachments we have to things that are not of God but are of this world. Things that are not life-giving but subtly life-zapping. Things that add burdens and chains to our shoulders and our limbs most unsuspectingly. 

Silence helps us to shift our focus inward. It thereby helps us to gain a deeper consciousness of our inner selves. It is not just about keeping quiet and to shut out the external sounds. It is to rid the heart of its distractions, to soundproof completely this secret room of our hearts with only God dwelling and speaking within, so that only God's voice resounds audibly. It is to consciously keep out all other voices that do not align with and compliment God's but attempt to down Him out instead. 

In this silence is where we can encounter God whose voice and presence can now be heard and felt. 
Silence is so important in our communication with God. And it is only through this communication with God that we can learn how to communicate with the world.

19 May 2012, Saturday

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