Sunday, 26 February 2012


I stood at the door and peered in 
There was silence in the room; a stillness that drew my heart to it
I kept myself out like a stranger who had never been there
I did not know why I stood outside
What was holding me back? What was keeping me from going in?
I was filled with apprehension; a sense of fear and doubt, of uncertainty
It looked all warm and cosy inside
What caused the uncertainty? 

And then a voice came from within.
Come in. Why are you still standing there? 

My feet were too heavy to move
Rooted firmly to my little spot on the outside
I wanted to enter. I wanted very much to enter
But still I was held back
To enter is a journey I have to make
The door has been opened to me from within
The light shines brightly for me to see where I should go
But to make this journey, this decision, this commitment
I felt out of my depth

Still, the voice said
After much hesitation, I finally entered
I have been here before
I looked around the room and alas! 
I found the face I have grown familiar with, the voice that soothes my whole being
My eyes lit up, my heart skipped a beat, my hopes reinstated, my love renewed.
Why this nostalgia? How long ago had I left the room? 
Wherever I had left to wander to, how ever long I had remained in the wilderness,
How warm it feels once again to be back in the interior silence of my heart, 
in the loving embrace of my Jesus.

Have you entered too? 

Sunday 26 Feb 2012


  1. Ja, thanks for sharing this. It speaks to me very much at this time of preparing for the future... Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks for leaving a note, Br. Adrian.
      I pray always that He forms you well... because then, you will be a strong pillar, a lighthouse, a loving companion for many.