Sunday, 19 October 2014

Synod of Bishops on the Family - October 2014

In response to an article I chanced upon online...

I like what's being said here. 
I like the idea of letting the Spirit move us... Most of the time, it might be humans and our own narrow beliefs and stubborn righteousness that stand in the way of the Spirit. 
I like the idea of Jesus being firm on his stand about divorce yet spending so much time eating and drinking and reaching out to the outcast of society - the prostitutes, the tax collectors - the sinners. He meets us where we are, always patiently calling and moulding, slowly and gently. He does not shove doctrines down our throats and tell us to follow or burn in hell. He accepts what little of our lives we can give and multiplies it in ways He knows we can manage. 

If He were to mark our guilt, who would survive?!
See the faithful and loving God from the beginning of time through the old testament and onto the new... and even onto our current age. 
Here is the great need for the grace of indifference. If God were to point us in a whole new direction, are our hearts open enough, surrendered enough to listen and obey?
When Christ comes to make all things new, can we dare to let go of the old?

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