Monday, 27 May 2013

Prayer - God's Graces

"Loving Jesus, 

Thank you for the desire to pray better, to seek You, to find You, to grow deeper in union with You. 
This desire You've planted in me to cling onto You despite how life's many demands are pulling me 
away from You. 

I don't have the perfect words to say to You nor is my heart in the perfect state to come before You. 
My mind a whirl that cannot rest and I haven't the perfect plan to craft a perfect prayer fitting for You. 

But my Jesus, You know all that is in my heart. Shed Your light of truth upon me and bring to light 
all that lie hidden in every corner of my heart. 

Teach me, reveal to me, guide me, inspire me, strengthen me. Help me in my struggles. 

I surrender my trust to You, stretching out my hands for Yours as Peter did when he was sinking into 
the water.

I place my hopes in You, calling out for Your divine intervention as did Your apostles when 
the storm threatened to overturn their boat.  

Increase my trust and faith in You. Increase my desire for You. Remind me and convince me that with 
You in the boat of my life, no storm or sea can bring me down as long as I let go of the steering wheel 
and let You take control. 

Embrace me in Your arms, dear Jesus. There, like a child, loved and protected, embed me deeper
in union with You. 


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