Sunday, 16 September 2012

Under a Big Tree


Have you ever had a person(s) in your life who was, to you, like a big tree? 

A person who gave shelter from the scorching Sun, one whose big broad branches gave good comforting shade, one who stays put where he is, well-grounded, like a tree rooted firmly to the ground and whenever you returned to that spot, you'd find him there, always there? One whose presence is non-threatening, easing and assuring, never putting pressure upon you, never expecting you to be any different from who you are at that moment? Always allowing you to come as you are, staying by you with unfailing support?

Have you ever shared a relationship with such a person who is likened to this big tree? 
What a blessing it is to have shared in such a God-given relationship.

Who, then, in our lives, can we now be that big tree to?


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