Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Petrol Kiosk

Jesus has this thing about asking of people what is humanly impossible. 
He asks of us to renounce ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. Just as He emptied Himself of everything, we are called to empty ourselves too. To be detached from every attachment so as to attach ourselves completely to Him.
He says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light but more often than not, why do I find that it is heavier and far more difficult than what I can bear? At least... when I am running on self-fuel mode

Have you also encountered similar struggles? Stuck between having to let go and wanting to hold on? Stuck between wanting your way and knowing that you will have to eventually give in somehow? A tug-of-war between resisting and surrendering.

If surrender wins and we are off our "self-fuel" mode and onto "God-fuel" mode, then be sure that all graces necessary will be granted to aid us in whatever situation we are in. What was humanly impossible is made divinely possible. 

The question now is embedded in our choice - will I trust enough to surrender? To renounce, to follow, to bear the pain...? Will I really be alright not having my way?

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