Monday, 2 July 2012

I am Somebody

My life is worth living even though it still includes many mundane routines, even though there are still meaningless and useless activities I engage in.

My life has a purpose even though I still do not know where I am to be in relation to the world I live in, 
even though I do not see the fruits of my labour.

My life has a direction even though I am clueless about what lies ahead, even though I feel lost most of the time.

My life is reason for my rejoicing even though there are moments of pain and sadness, 
even though I do not feel that gratitude and joy all the time. 

I love my life
When I place my consciousness in the realisation 
of God's labour in my life
of the miracles He has done for me
of God's love in the blueprint of my life

And then
I am assured that I am not forgotten
That I am not without help
I am convinced that I must surely be somebody and not a nobody
For Someone to love me this much

And at last
In wonderment and gratitude
I thank God for this life He's given to me
And I will exchange nothing of it for anything in this world.

Can you see God in your life too? 

2 July 2012 Monday

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