Sunday, 8 July 2012


adapted from a conversation...
based on an insight in Italy


As people serving the Lord, we must be accessible to all. Not selective accessibility. Our lives must be  completely public. To those who we like and those who we don't. With no preference. Even in moments we feel most uncomfortable. 

Because people need the Lord and we want to be that bridge to make God accessible to them too. I believe that is why we are set apart, not because we are special but because we have been chosen to play that role. Our own baggages and (what I call) our quirkiness must not stand in the way between God and us, God and others. Being accessible requires me to "be love", requires me to "be rooted in the image and likeness of God", requires my constant dying.

When I think of the Church in this aspect of accessibility... 
Theology, 'chim' as it has been put, must be made available also to the uneducated. God came for all. Many shun away from Theology because reading those words strung together so profoundly makes no sense to the ordinary folks. The history, the Church's traditions, the significances of many things we do, need to be made accessible and communicated to people, brought to their attention. The Church at times might be too organisational where information is held at the top levels. In a family, everyone is in the know of what is happening. Our Catholic family is not made up of people who are always enthusiastic and proactive in finding out more. But this does not mean that when told, they will turn a deaf ear. In fact, telling people more about our Catholic family might actually stir up an increasing interest towards the family and might even help them feel more belonged and involved. Who knows?

These are personal sentiments
I do not speak for the Church or for anyone else

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