Friday, 6 April 2012

Remain - The Fourteenth Station

The Fourteenth Station
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb


Along with Jesus's death was the death of the hopes and joy of His disciples. Having returned to His side at the tomb, what was left for them? The Person they had been following was no longer with them. Who shall they turn to now? Would life ever be the same as it was before? Could they have gone back to their old trades and continue living from where they had left off before they came to know this Man, Jesus? They could have... if they had never loved Jesus. And that was the problem. They loved Jesus and consequently, their lives sank into an empty pit of despair and confusion, hopelessness and dejection. 

Was there a silence in the air? A cold, still silence? An uncomfortable silence that reminded of the loss, highlighted the awkwardness of the same familiar places that were void of the most significant Presence? What would they do now? They had no clue. They were lost. Nothing interest them any more; nothing except the participation in the memorable events that Jesus once shared with them. These events that evoked the same nostalgic emotions to bridge the impossible distance between the present and the absent. Just like how we visit places we had previously been to with departed loved ones to reminisce the times shared. It is the closest we can get to the time spent together. 

But having been told what happened in Christ's resurrection and ascension, and the host of other dramatic events from the Pentecost onwards, we are now no longer haunted by that frightening silence. Because in that silence, there lies an eager anticipation, a silence so full of hope burning bright, a knowing that the separation is only temporary, a wait for that day of reunion, the day we can, at long last, meet God face to face. A silent longing, a deep yearning... understood only by those whose heart seeks and loves Him who also awaits our return.

In your heart, does the death of Jesus leave any silence? How much does His death matter to you personally to impact your life? Pause to listen to the silence. 

Reflecting more deeply on this last station in the Way of the Cross, and 
Knowing that Lent is ending and we can continue our lives in the jubilation of Easter without the Lenten observances to remind us of our Lord's Passion, will you determinedly choose to continue to remain with Jesus in a lifelong relationship that far extends beyond Lent?

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