Saturday, 14 August 2010


Following Christ is never an easy journey. Christ's journey here on earth was one met with rejection, hatred, jealously and much sufferings. If we were to follow Him in the path He took, it will also be met with such challenges. If Jesus Himself was afraid of the cup He was to drink, what more us who are weak and inadequate. The journey with Christ is the greatest privilege. Nothing surpasses being able to, by God's mercy and compassion, stand by God and walk with Him. But it is certainly a privilege few can sacrifice for. 

To be with Christ and walk His way requires a complete surrendering of ourselves; every single bit of ourselves - our feelings, our flaws, our strengths, our thoughts, habits, cultures, likes and dislikes, beliefs, disbeliefs. A recognition, acceptance and adoption of a new way of living whereby all about us and of us belong to Him, our ultimate master yet brother. Only with our surrendering can the Lord enter into our hearts now emptied of our doubts and fears and fill us with His graces. We are nothing but yet, we are capable of great things for God can work through us when we have emptied ourselves to Him.

When we are afraid, go to Jesus who knows our fears. Surrender the fear to Him and allow Him to fill our hearts with courage and faith. 

When we are doubtful, go to Jesus who knows our every disbelief. Surrender the doubts to Him and allow Him to fill our hearts with wisdom and faith. 

When we are worried, go to Jesus who knows our concerns. Surrender our worries to Him and allow Him to fill our hearts with ease and peace. 

When we are uncertain of where to go, go to Jesus who knows our confusions. Surrender our uncertainty to Him and allow Him to fill us with His Holy Spirit who will guide, inspire and prompt us to reveal what God's will is. 

It is when we are weak that God is strong. God is always waiting at the door of our hearts to enter and recreate in us and for us a new heart; a heart that is pure and a heart that loves Him. He is always there wanting to prompt us and reveal His will for us so that He has another helper in His ministry. Cast all fears and doubts aside and allow this God to open our eyes and hearts to His truth, to His way. 

Deny Him not what He has called to be His own. Give to God what is God's - our lives. In the many ways we can serve God, render our lives unto Him for it was Him who had first given us life. We are meant to serve Him; we are meant to be in His army; we are meant to be His workers, His harvesters, His hands, legs, eyes, bodies, lips, etc. We are born for this and are meant for this - our purpose of being here; to be His instruments; fishers of men.

Seek the Lord with all our hearts and we shall find Him very close to us.
Ask the Lord with all our hearts, with persistence and faith and we shall find Him speaking to us with gentleness and love. 

Above all, pray. 
Pray for courage, obedience, faith, faithfulness, humility, strength, patience and the wisdom to understand the importance of these gifts. Pray for the Spirit to be sent upon us to inspire and prompt us to do what God wills of us; that our lives will not be led in vain; that it will count for a higher purpose - God's purpose. And pray for the courage to take a leap into God's circle of life. 

14 August 2010

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