Thursday, 14 May 2015

True Love in a Shopping Bag

One of my reflections @ Macritchie this morning...

Recently, my sister bought a whole bag load of things and food for me from Japan, where she went for her honeymoon. Reflecting on it, I believe all my sister felt when she was holidaying and shopping was that she loves me and wants me to have what she feels is good and nice and suitable for me. I don't feel that she is buying these for me so that in my next trip, I can buy the same amount for her too. That's definitely not her intention.

From my sister in this experience, I have come to understand again and anew what true loves looks like. True love doesn't expect or demand anything in return. It seeks only to give what best one can give. To share what one has. But love hopes. It hopes for a relationship and a deepening one that is as lasting as one's life can stretch. Love doesn't give in a measure that one can receive in return. 

My sister, among God's many gifts to me especially that of my family and close friends, gives me a glimpse of what God's love looks like. That all He desires is to give me what He knows is good and nice and suitable for me. He doesn't expect or demand my reciprocation but hopes for a relationship with me and a deepening one that lasts for as long as He lives - and that is, through eternity. He seeks only to share His love and all He is with me, giving me the best He can give, and taking a big risk in all these since I don't always understand good and best the way He does and often misunderstand His intentions instead of recognizing His love for me.

For the many gifts God has planted in my life to tell me constantly of His infinite love for me, I give Him thanks, praise and honour. 

All is gift that purposefully speaks to us of the infinite love of our Maker for us... and knowing how He loves us, we are moved to love Him. And yes, He accepts even our imperfect love for Him.

How is God communicating His love for you?

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