Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Magis City Tour - Safe to Be?

In the Magis experience in Salvador, a city tour made on foot was one of the items on the itinerary. Without much knowledge about the city or the nature of the city tour, we set out. We formed a long chain of pilgrims, cheering, singing and talking along the way. It was a tremendously long walk, in which I felt most prominently a very strong sense of security. 

In Singapore, where people say it is a very safe country in relation to other countries and cities, I do not have to think much about safety when I am out. Safety becomes very easily taken for granted. 

But during the city tour, there were military police lined up along the roads and who escorted us all the way. My awareness of safety was heightened and I really felt safe. I felt an appreciation of the city's efforts to step up their security so that I, along with other pilgrims, could walk with ease. 

Where was God in the walk? 

I was reminded of the day's Mass reading which affirms us that every strand of hair on our heads are counted. Nothing can happen to us without our Father's knowledge and approval. In the first reading, Joseph admitted that although his brothers meant to harm him deliberately, God meant good for him when He allowed the harm to happen to Joseph. 

Even when we are suffering, harmed or under threat, we are still in the safety of our Father's embrace. Ill for us is God's instrument to somehow facilitate good in our lives. In the reality of life's obstacles, it is hard to believe this. Not unless we know in our hearts this Father we have. Who is He? What is His personality? 

If having military police along my journey could make me feel so safe and protected, that even if someone were to try to harm me, these policemen will rush to defend and rescue me, then how much more secure than human policemen is my Father's embrace...!! There, where I will always be safe and protected in His mighty arms, I can rest secured that even in the downs of life, there is beauty and good. And even without understanding, I can be without fear and anxiety, doubt and despair. I can be free. No longer will I be afraid of rejection and abandonment, unfair treatments and hurts. Because I am at home; home in my Father's arms. 

Where are you living from?
Within or outside of our Father's embrace?

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