Friday, 21 June 2013

Encounters with a Caterpillar - Part 2 - The Perfect Prayer

I have come to call this the "praying position"...
Externally, its 6 tiny hands do look as if they are brought together like praying hands.
But there's far more than what meets the eye...! 
If prayer is being in relationship with God, then isn't it in this stage of the butterfly's life cycle that it's praying best...? 
When it no longer takes the initiative to find food for its survival... but is completely reliant, vulnerable, defenceless, helpless, and focused on just being... just BEing.
This being of what it is made to be, in the way that it is called to be, at the time that it is meant to be, in total surrender to nature, which is God's scheme of things... without resistance or complain, without analysing or calculation, a total giving of oneself to what needs to be. To embrace death so that it may rise in its new resurrected form to greet the world anew...
A phase where it no longer consumes but allows all it has consumed to fuel its transformation... where it no longer enjoys the consolation of feeding but now draws back its consolations for strength in the continued journey... 

I sit once again to watch in amazement and anticipate the moment of transformation. 
I sit in admiration of how a creature so small and insignificant can pray a prayer so perfect. 
And as I sit and wait, let me thank God for the awareness of all these in this tiny little feller that I myself lack... Let me humbly plead that I too may somehow someday arrive at the perfect living of my creaturehood. 

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